How Long Does Permanent Makeup Last?

How Long Does Permanent Makeup Last?

The fame of permanent cosmetics is by all accounts developing and there are numerous purposes behind that. Ladies became weary of applying cosmetics every day.

Thus, they chose to go to microblading eyebrows, permanent lipstick, lash extensions and other well known medicines that can make them look easily really in any event, when they go out on the town to shop. That brings up the question, how long does permanent makeup last? This is a tough question, so we decided to seek out the advice of a from the professionals at New PMU a permanent makeup training academy located in San Diego.

How Long Do Permanent Makeup Treatments Last?

Despite the fact that these medications are classified “permanent”, none of them last forever. New methods have risen quite a while back, giving these procedures a refreshed form and name that is by all accounts far increasingly appropriate – semi-permanent cosmetics, if the results are to be thought of. To get straight to the point, some treatments last for over ten years, while the others last for only 2 years.

The amount of time a permanent makeup treatment lasts depends on what treatment you’re getting. Will be be a permanent eyebrow procedure or permanent lip. Also, the color is a large factor. Another key attribute is your skin tone. There are numerous components that influence the life span of a treatment so be sure to consult a professional to get a more accurate answer.