How Aging and Under Eye Wrinkles Can be Minimized

How Aging and Under Eye Wrinkles Can be Minimized

Unfortunately, our skin deteriorates as we age or from too much sun exposure.

Wrinkles around or under the eyes, eye lines or “crow’s feet, puffiness around the eyes, and other facial wrinkles are all due to aging. Unfortunately, we all age and as human beings there’s nothing we can do about that! As the years pass, our skin ages and deteriorates as well.

There are ways to at least minimize and slow down the effects of aging on the skin. For instance, under eye wrinkles can be prevented by taking care to keep exposure of the skin to the sun at a minimum. The sun’s UVA and UVB rays can be critical to the skin’s condition. Another method is to use eye wrinkle treatment products.

Normal skin has an epidermis with a smooth cornified, or an outer layer, that acts as a barrier to environmental injury and entry of too much water. A normal skin means components such as collagen, elastin, and glycosaminoglycan (GAG) are all in abundance. Collagen provides skin firmness; elastin supplies skin elasticity and rebound; and GAG keeps the skin hydrated.

As we age or due to exposure to the sun, the multi-factor process of intrinsic and extrinsic aging takes over.

Intrinsic aging is the natural aging process that takes place over the years. After the age of 20, one percent less collagen and less elastin production is produced every year. Thus, the skin becomes thinner and more fragile with age. The functioning of the sweat and oil glands is also diminished.

Extrinsic aging is the result of sun damage from UVA and UVB rays as well as from other factors like cigarette smoke and exposure to pollution. These changes give the skin the appearance of roughness, uneven tone, brown patches, and deep wrinkles.

Are under eye wrinkles and crow’s feet the same?

When you smile you will see small lines going from the corners of your eyes towards the temple. When you stop smiling and the lines go away, those are just smile lines. When the lines stay those are crow’s feet. If you look closely at wrinkles around eyes you will see that they do resemble the imprint of crow’s feet.

Like other facial wrinkles, crow’s feet begin to become visible when a person hits the mid-30’s. While this is the average age for crow’s feet, others may get it earlier and some might only start getting it in their 40’s.

Imagine a paper clip that you bend back and forth several times and eventually it will break. This is the same principle that causes facial wrinkles. Repetitive motions with the face plus the age factor cause creases in the skin that will break the collagen and elastic fibers in the skin, causing wrinkles.

Unfortunately, aside from aging and the sun, squinting is the biggest instigator of wrinkles.

Squinting is a more reactionary and repetitive movement next to smiling either due to bright sunlight or when one feels pain. Like smiling, squinting is repetitive, but makes wrinkles under eyes form early.

What about puffiness around the eyes?

Puffiness around the eyes is known simply as “puffy eyes.” Periorbital puffiness is the swelling around the eyes or the appearance of swelling in the tissues or orbits around eyes. It is caused by periorbital edema or the excessive fluid buildup around the eyes. The most popularly named are “eyebags” detectable below the eyes only. As a person ages, eye puffiness may spread to the rest of the areas around the eyes.

The main cause of the fluid buildup around the eyes is obviously due to the aging process, but there are other factors to consider such as:

  • Sleep deprivation, oversleeping, interrupted sleep cycles.
  • Fluid retention around the subcutaneous tissues due to pregnancy and hormonal variations from menstruation.
  • Excess salt or sodium intake.
  • Excessive alcohol and tobacco use.
  • Allergic reactions and skin disorders such as dermatitis.

Together with wrinkles around the eyes and crow’s feet, eye puffiness makes us look beyond our true age. This is unfortunate since the first thing that people notice when they look at us is our face, particularly our eyes.

Can the skin around our eyes be given rejuvenation?

Yes it can, but certainly not by what people know as “home remedies” such as cold compress and lemon dips. While these may offer short term relief from allergies, it doesn’t get rid of the puffiness completely.

Unfortunately, many of the medical, preventive, and anti-aging processes on the market today against wrinkles and crows feet can be very hard on the very skin you want to protect. These can range from exfoliation using glycolic acid, laser treatments, and botulinum toxin injections. They’re expensive yes, but they can also be harsh on the skin.

A less invasive and never harsh type of facial wrinkle treatment is using the best eye firming cream or anti-aging topical cream product.