Getting Rid of Those Forehead Wrinkles

Getting Rid of Those Forehead Wrinkles

Turns out, there’s some truth to our mother’s warning when they said, “Don’t make that face, it will freeze that way.” Over time, certain expressions like squinting can cause wrinkles; a loss of moisture and elasticity as you age makes them more prominent.

There are only so many times you can look into that mirror and see those pesky forehead wrinkles that came out of nowhere and took control of your forehead. Some people may have it worse than others, but eventually age will catch up to you unless you tap into the secrets of the stars and why they seem to escape those dreaded wrinkles on the forehead.

Why is it that some people, especially those celebrities, can keep their skin looking young and bright even into their 50’s? Have you ever wondered why most celebrities age so well? Actually what they do is no secret at all! Those that go the natural route have a secret weapon…

The “Secret” is Revitol Anti-Aging Cream
This new anti-aging and anti-wrinkle cream called Revitol is faster-acting than any other cream reviewed in the past. It is able to regenerate and re-energizes the skin much deeper than any other commercial product reviewed by medical experts so far.

Everyone that tries this says it’s hands down the best product they’ve used in their skin and swear they don’t want to use anything else ever again. It is considered probably the best forehead wrinkle cream that has come out in the market today.

Not only women, but men should worry about forehead wrinkles
At what age do the men usually get wrinkles on forehead? Traditionally, men normally never really worry about aging signs as much as women. Its more and more common for men to also worry about the way they look and seriously care for their skin and body.

Wrinkles on forehead strikes everyone of all ages
Whether you’re a man or a woman you should start paying close attention to your skin in your mid-thirties at the least if you want to keep looking young and fresh for the next 10 to 20 years. Those wrinkles are going to hit hard if you don’t have a skin care forehead wrinkle cream regimen in place.

Forehead wrinkle cream for those on the go
“Whether for women always on the go and with busy schedules or for the men that are always on the go and have little patience to stay in the bathroom more than a couple minutes to take care of their skin.” Mentions Patricia, Co-owner of CRS in Portland. The best approach is to use an anti-aging or anti-wrinkle cream, something that will take care of your skin all around instead of putting on different creams daily.

The latest top pick for forehead wrinkles is Revitol Anti-Aging Cream and it’s the closest thing to botox or injections you will ever find. It’s that good.

Aside from using the Revitol Cream, dermatologists offer suggestions to help care for your skin even as you age:

Protect yourself from the sun
The sun not only projects harmful ultraviolet rays that can damage your skin, but it can also dry you out and leave discolored patches if you are not careful. Always make sure to wear sunscreen when going out on bright days, even in the fall or wintertime.

You should also consider investing in a hat, umbrella, or long sleeved clothes to provide extra shade for your face and body. Remember that too much sun exposure causes an increase in wrinkles, blemishes, and melanoma.

Stay hydrated
Forehead wrinkles become more pronounced when your skin becomes drier. You should keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water, which will also moisturize your skin. As a guideline, if you are feeling thirsty, you should drink more water.

The general rule of 8 glasses of water a day is not a proven scientific fact but we do need some water. Water helps our bodies to prevent hydration which is obviously important for many reasons which benefit the body and the skin as well. Drinking lots of water not only keeps the body hydrated, but also keeps the skin hydrated as well. This is also one way to prevent dry skin.

Focus on your nutrition
Good nutrition can help eliminate existing forehead wrinkles and keep new wrinkles from showing up. Eating lots of citrus fruits, fish, and green vegetables will keep your skin looking great. The fruits and vegetables are high in essential vitamins, while the omega 3 fatty acids in fish can help prevent new wrinkles from forming.

Making a simple lifestyle change like having a green salad with some cucumbers in it can make a world of difference. You should also focus on the “orange” foods, such as sweet potatoes and carrots, which are excellent sources of beta carotene. Oatmeal and yogurt also helps the skin stay healthy. The better your overall health is, the better your skin will look.