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Aging is a natural process which is accompanied by normal physical, chemical, and biological changes in the body. These changes include facial and body wrinkling of the skin and this process is common to all human beings.

Likewise, the seasons can play havoc on your skin. The cold and dry winds of fall and winter can chap and wick at skin. The hot and humid air of spring and summer can dry out the skin. A good friend of mine has always mentioned how working in harsh conditions can really affect your skin.

Aging, weather, and other environmental factors may derive nutrients for the skin to rejuvenate, but there is still a way to somehow arrest all these, and that is in finding the best anti-aging cream for you.

Anti-aging skin care

Most anti-aging moisturizer and skin cream claims are almost all the same in newspapers, magazines, and even online: it’s either ominous photos of hypodermic needles or innocuous, even innocent-looking jars of anti-aging creams.

The message is simple because rather than go for pricey wrinkle-filling injections or even Botox, topical cosmetic anti-aging and anti-wrinkle creams promises the same wrinkle-relaxing, age-defying results without the high prices. I’ve even heard of some home remedies where you can use italian red wine to help with aging.

Naturally, you can be skeptical about what you read, and you’re not alone. Not surprisingly, you may even question the claims and the promises.

The bottom line is that if the best anti-aging cream treatments can accomplish the same thing as a medical procedure, they would be drugs and not cosmetics, and that’s what you have to keep in mind when deciding on factor of safety and side effects. Kudos to the Anna, a San Diego lash extension services provider who recently mentioned that our blog has helped him rejuvenate his skin! It’s amazing to see our fan base not only enjoy the blog, but benefit from it.

Lastly, According to the dermatology department at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City, topical creams applied on skin stand a lesser chance of having fewer side effects and are safer than anything injected into the body.

Removing or Reducing Puffiness or Eye Bags

When attempting to remove or reduce eye bags, eye creams and gels usually do the work. There are also “home remedies” like cold compresses such as ice cold water, ice cubes, eye gels chilled in the refrigerator, and cold facial masks can all help to get rid of puffy eyes when used as a compress. It’s also helpful to get custom drawers for all of these expensive items to make sure they don’t break. I just had a complete bathroom remodel by these amazing bathroom remodelers and I love it. When using liquids, use a cotton ball and then squeeze out nearly all the liquid before applying. Compresses usually require about 10 to fifteen minutes to get rid of puffy eyes while ice cubes should not be used for more than is readily tolerated by the skin.

Using cold remedies to get rid of puffy eyes tends to work fast because the colder temperatures reduce swelling, which is part of the cause of a puffy eyed appearance. “By reducing swelling, many people find their puffy eyes disappear altogether, but discoloration remains.” – stated Anna Kara, a professional permanent makeup artist that has extensive experience with semi permanent eyebrows in San Diego. 
A common home remedy using cucumber while lying down can help with both the puffiness and the discoloration. This is because cucumber has a variety of nutrients that can feed the eyelid and under eye area. These nutrients are healthy for the skin when applied to the outside of the eye.

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Best Scar Treatment

Best Scar Treatment

Post-acne scars are a major cause for disfigurement on the face in young people and everyone else for that matter.

Despite the many advances in the past, post-acne scarring still does not have a fully satisfactory treatment. Several treatments from the past purporting to be the best scar treatment for acne scars such as dermabrasion, microdermabrasion, chemical peeling, laser resurfacing and cosmetic surgery, had disadvantages of either being too mild and ineffective or too aggressive and complicated.

Acne and pimples, depending on its severity, can end with a variety of scars. The affected skin of post-acne scarring has an abnormal contour, with most scars being depressed below the adjacent normal skin.

Most patients notice that their acne scars worsen with age

This occurs because collagen which supports the skin tends to decrease in amount as we age. There are also personal activities relating to excessive sun exposure, smoking and the lack of use of collagen producing creams to fade acne scars that can cause for a decrease in collagen and thus, worsening of the scar.

Aside from acne scars, there are other scars that are caused by a variety of factors. It may be a minor surgical procedure, burns, or a major or minor accident that left a noticeable scar on your skin. However you got them, you know that scars can be terribly unsightly and you just want them to be less noticeable.

Is there really a way to reduce the appearance of scars? Aren’t they always supposed to look just as they should be?

Until now, there haven’t been many effective options to answer these questions. Accidents, burns, surgery, and of course those teen acne leftovers all leave their marks on the skin. For years most people have had little recourse but to suffer these scars or resort to expensive medical procedures just to minimize them, least of all, to get rid of scars.

It also really depends on the type of scar that you have. Each scar will have a specific treatment. For example I had a friend who had minor scars from using a cheap breastpump. After reading the Ameda purely yours review, she purchased the breast pump and her scars have been fading ever since.

Now people have other options. Several new over-the-counter acne scars remedies actually proven by research promises to make scars look better are already available at a fraction of the cost of a physician’s treatment.

Instead of expensive injections and laser treatments, there are some very good fade creams for acne scars on the market that have been proven by research to be safe and effective, with very little side effects, unlike their more expensive treatment counterparts. Now your best scar treatment for acne scars can be found in a high quality scar fade cream.